Getting Down and Dirty with Dicks Don't Lie

We got all the dirty little secrets from Dicks Don't Lie, like what got him started in the pin game, things to remember when being creative, and what he plans for the future.  

Dicks Don’t Lie®’ is a quirkyindependent brand that celebrates the joy and innocence of these otherwise hush-hush body parts. The hairy butt, the penis, the boob, and the unshaven leg are glorious, comical and fascinatingly cute body parts that deserve to be upgraded, not degraded.

Their cheekyplayful creations and designs have inspired an alluring array of gender-neutral products, artwork, and apparel, intent on bringing the elephant slap, bang, into the centre of the room.


Pins on Jacket

What would you consider is your main practice? 

I’m Roger Huskens, a designer for a living with my own graphic design studio in Maastricht (the Netherlands). My main focus is branding from scratch to the whole shebang (identity/stationary/website/products/etc.). I love to dive into the core of a company and create a personality out of it.


Did you study at University?

Yes, my study was at the Media & Design Academy in Belgium. I finished my bachelor in Graphic Design before I got thrown into the big wide world.


Pin Collection


How did you get into making pins?

I design on a daily base for clients and after 5 years of being my own boss, I wanted to make my dream come true and started my own brand; Dicks Don’t Lie.
I always loved pins and I thought it was such a cool product to start my brand with. It’s so easy to change the attitude of any outfit. One little prick, one big impact.



What pin design are you most proud of?

Omg! it’s so difficult to choose. They are all my babies, with their own little stories. The first one I made was the Room with a view (the iconic white briefs). Just because nothing beats the beauty of a person in a crispy white brief, chilling in the morning sun staring out of the window. I even tattooed the design of this pin on my arm.

Tattoo Dicks Dont Lie

The Ouroboros is also one of my favourites because the pin looks so childish and innocent. I also love the story behind it, about the mythological creature of the snake biting its own tail. It stands for eternity. So I think this is a cute cheeky twist. It also represents my brand the most. It’s about the open childish way of looking at nudity and to just see it as funny and innocent.

Ouroboros Pin


Any advice for anyone that is thinking of starting their own independent brand?

Yes, do something that makes you happy all the time. So you don’t get bored of your own designs. Don’t lift on trends, stand close by yourself and don’t compare with other designers and brands. Just be you, make what gives you a smile on your face and your audience will find you.

Roger By Window


Do you have any favourite pin designers?

Omg this question is also very difficult, I think there are a lot of great pins in the world at the moment.

If I had to narrow it down I would say my top pin designers at the moment are:

Ok, how about a favourite artist?

My favourite designer of all time is Bruno Munari. He doesn't create pins but I love love love his approach on design.
If I have to make a list of pins I like, the list will be endless.


Any big plans for the future? Any cool collaborations lined up that we should watch out for?

I want to grow my product range of Dicks Don’t Lie with stationary, a book, screenprints, underwear, more unisex clothing, ceramics and of course… making lots and lots more fucking cool pins. I’m thinking about collabs, but it’s still a concept in my mind. The biggest goal is world domination with Dicks Don’t Lie and seeing corporate people with a ‘Dick in a Box’ or a hairy ‘Killer Legs’ pin on their suit.

Spreading the word, Stay Cheeky!


We love Roger's approach to tackling the design world and making his dreams come true, it certainly inspired us and hope it's inspired you to also just go for it; remembering to stay playful and experimental! 

Shop his cool collection of pins on our curated site to help add a cheeky flair to any outfit! 

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