Why we're obsessed with Overgrown Co.

If you don't already know... get to know.
Overgrown Co. are killing it at the moment, with a recent release of insane graphic garms and accessories, they're definitely not to be missed. 
Based in Brighton, the design duo create a range of products that also put our planet first.  Overgrown is based around the idea of living in the moment. Influenced by the Japanese cherry blossom and what it represents, they explore the theme of mortality and mindfulness.

We asked a series of questions to get to know them a lil more and see what helps keep them inspired! 

What is your main practice?
Here at Overgrown Co. we are environmentally and socially focused, we create high quality clothing and accessories, and we breathe mindful living.
We love to invest in a project too so all of our collections follow a concept and topic that we’ve, more often than not, been dealing with in recent day to day life.
overgrown bag
How did you get into making pins?
We’ve never really made a lot of pins. Just a few. But we love to keep things varied if we can so when the design/collection suits we’ll add in some trinkets. I do love a pin.
What pin design are you most proud of?
Our Planetary Disposal Unit collection that we released alongside Family Store, in Brighton, a year or so ago included an amazing pin with the devil and the world hooked around his finger. They came out great!
I believe you have the last of them. (Now sold out.)
planetary disp
Any advice for anyone that is thinking of starting their own independent brand / pin designs?
Love what you do, be yourself, and don’t expect too much too quickly. All the best things build slowly and live a long happy life ...other than blossom.


What is your favourite pin design at the moment?
Do you have any favourite designers?
Haha, I actually have no recollection of who makes them, there are a few, but anything that features Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors or Bigfoot from Harry and The Hendersons and I’ll go weak at the knees. I’m a sucker for bad 80s/90s TV.
Our good friend @iamwillblood has also made some very good pins though so check out his bare bones stuff for sure.
bare bones pin
Any big plans for the future?
Any cool collaborations lined up that we should watch out for?
I am currently working with a couple of people to get our next couple of collections ready so nothing I can't really open up about just yet but I’m super excited to show everyone some new stuff really soon! Keep an eye on our insta ( @overgrown.co ) for news ✌🏻
new collection
We absolutely love everything about Overgrowns ethos, and can't wait to see what else they release over the year! 
If you would like to make your own pins but don't know where to start, drop us an email at hello@pinbadg.es and our design team can help you get started!

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