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We offer a premium quality hard enamel and soft enamel pin badge manufacturing service.

Our process means we can match Pantone reference colours to your artwork guidelines.

Hard Enamel pins are one of the most durable enamel badges. Once the die is struck, the stamped metal is filled with an enamel that is then baked and polished flat leaving a glossy even surface.

Soft Enamel Pins have the enamel placed in the well of the stamped badge and when baked, sets back from the metal adding texture and depth to the pin.

Alternatively, we offer an epoxy coating, which is a clear resin over the badge, this also adds extra protection to the enamel if you don't desire the traditional sunken soft enamel finish.

We can help you with design and offer advice free of charge, to obtain the best results.

Lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks. We aim to deliver quicker than any other pin badge provider. 

If you do not add your own logo back stamp all pins will come with our logo on the reverse of your pin. 

Any special requirements or queries, don’t hesitate to email us at  

We have manufactured enamel pins for the likes of:

Pinbadges LTD


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*orders over 2000pcs will incur shipping fees.

Up to 20mm£104.50£60.50£28.60£14.30£5.72£2.86£1.66£1.05£0.82£0.67£0.58£0.49
Up to 25mm£104.50£60.00£28.60£14.30£5.72£2.88£1.68£1.06£0.86£0.74£0.68£0.58
Up to 30mm£104.50£60.00£30.80£15.40£6.16£3.08£1.80£1.21£0.92£0.86£0.73£0.64
Up to 35mm£104.50£60.50£31.90£15.95£6.38£3.20£1.98£1.29£1.07£1.01£0.93£0.78
Up to 40mm£104.50£60.50£33.00£16.50£6.60£3.34£2.16£1.49£1.19£1.17£1.06£0.88
Up to 45mm£115.50£71.50£34.76£17.38£6.95£3.48£2.34£1.62£1.56£1.40£1.27£1.05
Up to 50mm£115.50£71.50£39.30£19.69£7.87£3.93£2.70£1.95£1.90£1.80£1.62£1.37
Up to 55mm£126.50£77.00£41.80£20.90£8.36£4.22£2.93£2.14£2.09£2.02£1.81£1.53

Custom Pins

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PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR EXACT PIN DIMENSIONS ON YOUR ARTWORK IN MM. You can order with out a design file too, either email it us later or a give us a detailed description for our professional design team to help.

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