The Band We All Want To Be A Part Of

We got chatting with Anthony Atkinson owner and creator of Big A Band. 

Anthony turns his love for drawing and his lil dog Leo into all sorts of products such as pins, badges, prints, and stationery. 

 big a band

What is your main practice? Did you study at University? 

My main practice is illustration - a combination of commissioned work, making stuff to sell, and generally messing around and having fun with drawing (currently exploring comic book work). 

At uni I studied Graphic Design/Illustration on my degree then several years later did an MA in Sequential Design.



How did you get into making pins?

I really love seeing my drawings get made into products and pins were one of the first products that I created to sell. They’re a great artwork that people can use every day to customise their look and express themselves.





How does your usual practice translate into pins, do you have to change your style/method to achieve what you envision?

Everything I do starts with drawing so it’s pretty straightforward to translate my bold line work and block colours into a pin design. I like the challenge of using a limited palette and simplifying my mark making to streamline my design. 




Any advice for anyone that is thinking of starting their own independent brand?

Use everything for inspiration - what you see in the street, stupid conversations with friends, the odd thoughts that come into your head when you drift off to sleep - anything and everything! Most ideas are worth having some fun with!



What is your favourite pin design at the moment?

I watched the Truman Show at the weekend - one of the characters has a great badge that says “How’s it going to end?”. Seems very appropriate at the moment - I want one of those!





What inspires your designs Do you have favourite themes you like to focus on?

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently looking at old skateboard graphics, in particular the work of Jim Phillips. His work is so direct - bright colours, crazy ideas, and just the right amount of detail in his work.

 big a band


Any big plans for the future?
Any cool collaborations lined up that we should watch out for?

After putting my shop on hold for a bit I’m now planning a whole raft of new products such as stickers, patches, and of course pin badges. Maybe even a comic/pin badge tie-in…



We love Anthony's advice about where to start when thinking of creating your own brand. Sometimes you can sit on a dream for so long waiting for the right time, but that right time is now. Take note of every little thing that inspires you and see how you can translate it into your designs. If you think those designs could work as enamel pins but not too sure how to go about it, get in touch with our design team at we're always available for a good chat. 



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