IDGAF Pin –– Philippe Wojtylo
IDGAF Pin –– Philippe Wojtylo
IDGAF Pin –– Philippe Wojtylo
IDGAF Pin –– Philippe Wojtylo
IDGAF Pin –– Philippe Wojtylo

IDGAF Pin –– Philippe Wojtylo

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Introducing Philippe WOJTYLO AKA 'PiaK'.

Philippe lives in Nancy, a French town near Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany which gives a real opportunity of mixing cultures and inspirations.

Having studied graphic design in 2020 to improve his knowledge and skills and free himself from technical limits of self training. He has been practicing other techniques and mediums such as stickers (a self proclaimed sticker addict), stencil, art illustration, concert poster and more.

Raised by skate culture, punk and alternative music, street art and underground culture, Philippe likes to mix all of these inspirations in his work, trying to keep the underground inspiration and share it with the most by always keeping a positive message.

The 'I don't give a Fuck' enamel pin project is the following of a successful 2021's sticker project imagined during quarantine period.

"I was thinking of an illustration showing my state of mind during that period.

Sports, loneliness, politics, economy, love, friendship, animals, food, music... nothing was inspiring or interesting me.

The only thing that was talking to me was the need of saying or shouting... LEAVE ME ALONE ! I don't give a fuck!

A way of feeling better! A self therapy of happiness!

Being rude on the design would have been too easy or too casual, associating a gentle and fresh design to a raw and honest shout of happiness to pass the message.

I hope you'll like it... if not ... ? I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ;)"

Available in four colour ways this pin is perfect for shouting out that you are carefree and don't give a fuck! 

  • 25mm
  • Hard Enamel
  • Rubber Clutch

Help bring these awesome little pins to life and pre order for you, your friends or family!

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