Catching Up With Snootie Studios

We had a quick catch up with Snootie Studios to find out what makes their creative juices flow and how they got into the pin design world.  

Have you always been in the Creative Arts?

I (Abbie Freeman) studied Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts, whilst my partner Harry studied Illustration at Brighton University. We both used to sneak into each other's studios and lectures when we were visiting each other, and soon realised that the way we were being taught was very similar.
Prior to this, we both studied a BTEC in Graphic Design in our hometown, Harlow, so we had a very similar educational experience. When we both left university, we decided to use our collective experiences to our advantage and start up a graphic design studio. Although we usually say what we do lies in the world of graphic design, I like to think that we're two artists making graphic design.

harlow pin


When did you decide to start making pins and why?

Our first pin came about whilst researching for a project with Harlow Arts Trust. We spent some time at Harlow Museum and David Devine, the museum's head archivist, showed us the documentation for Harlow Council’s first brand guidelines from 1975. In the guidelines, we found the specifications for an enamel badge and knew that we had to bring it back to life. The logo and branding of that time is iconic for anyone who has lived in Harlow, and it was an opportunity to restore some pride in the town.

Around the same time, I was about to travel to Shanghai for a teaching placement, so we thought, why not make the most of our time there and get a bunch of stuff made. The wonky dog was a design we had in the bank for ages but didn't have the money to produce it, so we threw it in the pot with the Harlow pin designs and had them made.




What pin are you most proud of?

I think we're most proud of our Harlow design. It feels like the badges really evoked nostalgia in people, and they're wearing them with pride and buying them for their families, which is better than we could've hoped for.

Any helpful tips you would pass on to new starters/students?

Just make stuff and get it out into the world. Don't think much about it and worry about what anyone else is doing, just have a go. I've always found that I learn the most by just forcing myself to jump in. Get excited about the universe – not just Graphic Design. There’s so much to learn. Be bold and cheeky, too. As mum always says, ‘If you don’t ask, you won’t get’.



Do you have a favourite pin designer?
Any that inspire you?

I really like Joanna Behar's Sparkle Pin Set. I feel like wearing them would make me look like a cartoon character. I'm also enjoying the influx of Animal Crossing pin badges at the moment - fan art can be so fun and there's so much content in Animal Crossing that I would love to wear in real life.

Any collaborations or exciting projects lined up that we should watch out for?

We've just launched a shirt with Everpress that we're super proud of. It feels a bit strange designing products to sell in this current world, but we managed to make a design that turns the shirt into an opportunity to learn how to embroider and stay creative while staying safe at home. You can find it at




We hope this quick insight into the life of Snootie Studios inspired you to just go for it, no matter what, take the leap and just push to always learn more. 

If you would like help bringing your pin ideas to life give us a shout at our team are always happy to help!

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