We Think Cheese Sex Death's Pins Are Very Gouda

We got chatting with Erika Kubick owner and creator of Cheese Sex Death to discuss whether the pin game is to brie or not to brie... ok ok ok we will stop with the cheese puns now, just don't take our curd for it... 

Her store is full of all things cheese and even has a section for where to buy the best cheeses!


What is your main practice?
Did you always see yourself producing cheese themed merch?

I’m a cheese preacher! I did study at a university here in Chicago, but my majors were Film Production and English Literature. That left me with no job prospects, and I started working odd jobs. One day while researching cheese for an internship, I fell in love with the sheer variety and stories about each type. That’s when I had my come to Cheesus moment: I decided to devote my life to cheese and quit my job that day to become a cheesemonger. Years later, I started a blog, which evolved into an event and merchandising company. 



How did you get into making pins? 

I honestly wanted some cool cheese swag, but didn’t like the options available so I started making my own. I started by drawing my favorite cheeses, converted those with Adobe Illustrator, then had them made. 

cheese pin


What pin design are you most proud of? 

My Cheese Slut pin! I think they’re so sexy and chic. They’re my only merch that has gone viral.

Cheese Slut Pin


Any helpful tips for beginners wanting to make designs? 

Make something you want to wear! Chances are other people will want it too.

Cheese Slut Necklace


What is your favourite pin design at the moment?
Do you have any favourite designers?

I love Strike Gently Co! They make really dark, gothic, edgy pins. 

Any cool collaborations lined up that we should watch out for?

I’m always working to create more cool swag! No collaborations lined up yet, but I hope to change that soon.

Cheese Slut Panties


If you're like Erika and Camembert to live in a world without cool pins, drop us an email and we can help you turn your ideas into wearable chunks of metal. 

Alright, we can tell you're getting Feta up with the jokes now, but seriously, we're certain that your designs would look mozzer-hella good as an enamel pin so check out our custom order form and get an instant quote! 


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